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Difranco Periodontics
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 12 reviews
by Maria Faisal on Difranco Periodontics

Dr. Josie DiFranco and the rest of the staff are wonderful! They're thorough and very professional. Dr. DiFranco did a great job and I would highly recommend this clinic to friends and family!

by Mary J on Difranco Periodontics
Dr. Chuck DiFranco is the best.

At the recommendation of a friend – actually more than one, I went to see Dr. Chuck DiFranco. Walking into that appointment, I had only basic knowledge of the role of a periodontist. At the end of the visit, Dr. Chuck explained to me about gum grafting. I had an excessively recessed gum line on my upper front tooth that looked like a white cone, the tip of which reached far above the gum line. It was getting worse. I hesitated to smile and was worried. On the day of the procedure, Dr. Chuck made me feel at ease. He sang and he was funny. And, at every moment of the procedure, he told me what he was going to do and why. There were no surprises – only benefits. Soon after, my tooth looked as though it did ten years prior – or better! I am sure Dr. Chuck’s main goal was to provide me with a healthier tooth. And, he did. Yet, all the while, he was also working on making my tooth look natural and beautiful. And, he did.
Dr. Chuck loves his work. No doubt. He has the expertise and the experience. Providing excellent periodontal care just comes naturally to him. Dr. Chuck is personable, and that also comes naturally to him because he really cares for his patients. And, Dr. Chuck listens to every concern. I am grateful to have someone I truly trust for all my future periodontal care. Thank you, Dr. Chuck. You are the best!
- Mary J.

by Linda on Difranco Periodontics

Absolutely wonderfull office! Needed an emergency consultation on short notice and was able to see Dr. Josie. Loved her!!! Caring, compassionate and professional. All the staff were friendly and courteous and they were even able to accommodate my work schedule for a follow up within 2 days. Should I need their services in the future, I would definitely come to DiFranco Periodontics.

by Melissa W. on Difranco Periodontics

I can't thank everyone at DiFranco periodontics for making my gum graft surgery a good experience. They answered all my questions and concerns. The procedure went well. By day 5 I was taking no pain meds and by day 10 able to eat and drink normally. I highly recommend them.

by Lisa K on Difranco Periodontics

Dr. DiFranco and his entire team have changed my life. I needed dental implants for over 10 years and because of Dr. DiFranco, I just had the LAST procedure done in March and now I have permanent implants and a brand new smile that I will be forever grateful for. I have been to many different dentists, orthodontists, and periodontists in my life and this particular doctor unlike any other. He corrected a prior implant surgery, did bone graphs, and prepped by bone/gums for beautiful implant placement. Dr. DiFranco and team were there through the surgeries and so supportive during recovery, they schedule appointments efficiently and called to remind me as well. Over the course of my surgery, all of the employees became like family and I really can't say that about any other medical/dental facility. These people care about their patients. Dr. DiFranco made every experience comfortable, explained why the procedure needed to take place, and never asked about money. Because of this, I made sure I paid them ASAP and made it a point to take care of my dental bills, since they took care of me. In this day and age I find all of these things so important. I am forever grateful and the moment my implants were put in, I was the happiest I had ever been (and could show it with a stellar smile!). I highly recommend Chuck DiFranco to anyone and everyone who is in need of a dentist or periodontist. This experience was life changing. Thank you to Dr. Chuck and the staff, you guys are incredible!

by Dr. Kolar on Difranco Periodontics
Dr. Kolar

DiFranco Periodontics treats all of our mutual patients with the highest level of respect, kindness and dental care. If I needed periodontal treatment, this is where I would go.

by Loralel on Difranco Periodontics

Dr. Chuck DiFranco is great! I have been under his care for a few years now and couldn't be more pleased! He has literally saved my teeth! I have had multiple gum grafting procedures as well as an implant and everything went extremely well. I am very confident in his work and he is always available and accessible in case of questions, which is very reassuring. I also love his friendly staff, as they always put you at ease. I must also mention, Mary his dental hygienist, she is fantastic!! A+++

by Angela on Difranco Periodontics
Awesome Recommendation

I had implant (s) and gum surgery and have to say it wasn't nearly what I had envisioned it to be. I was very impressed with Dr. Charles Di Franco from our initial consultation. He informed me of my needs as well as the steps that needed to be taken to correct and achieve my desired goals regarding my dental well-being. The staff and Dr. Di Franco made me very comfortable throughout both procedures. I cannot say enough good things about how I was treated as a patient at their practice. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone needing periodontics. Bets part of the day "THE MUSIC" Thank you again!

by Karen Rodrigo on Difranco Periodontics
the BEST

i have been going to Dr Chuck for several years now for gum surgery and implants. I would highly recommend him AND his staff. They are very caring and treat you with respect. Dr. Chuck is the BEST!!

by Alexandria M. on Difranco Periodontics
I truly feel he is the best, and I'm in  "good hands"

I just returned last night from my 4th visit to Dr. DiFranco's office, and all I can say is its so nice to leave a doctors office with less anxiety than you arrived! That being said, all  I can say is Dr. DiFranco has an awesome chairside . He explains procedures in a way that keeps you calm, yet feeling very confident that he knows what is in your best interest. Previous visits with his girls also were both very pleasant and calming, and having scaling on your teeth is not high on my list, but they both did an awesome job. The girls were both very pleasant and personable before, during, and after the visit. I would highly recommend his office for anyone looking for a periodontist for I truly feel he is the best, and I'm in good hands.

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Dr. Chuck DiFranco is accepting new patients. What would you say if someone asked you to give your opinion of Dr. DiFranco?

“I would tell them Dr. DiFranco is absolutely THE BEST! He is caring, sensitive, and very good at what he does!!! I felt completely safe in his hands and I trust all his suggestions and advice. If you need a periodontist, there is NO other choice — Dr. Chuck DiFranco is your man!!!! I can’t say enough good things about him.”

“I had a terrible mouth, gum and teeth problem. I waited too long for help. Dr. DiFranco researched new products and companies to fit my needs. Now I get compliments. Dr. DiFranco is so involved in the science of this trade; he is so devoted to his patients. He is the man!” (Don G.)

What benefits have you received from this treatment?

“Implants have allowed me to chew better, stabilizing the surrounding teeth, and my smile is bigger. I don’t have to use a ‘partial’ anymore.” (Christine K.)

“I feel more confident cosmetically knowing that I have a full set of teeth. Jaw pain has been reduced. I’m no longer afraid that my teeth are collapsing around the holes left by missing teeth.” (Laura Lee C.)

What advice would you give to others who are considering similar treatment?

“Implants are a beneficial method of improving your dental and overall health. It improves your whole psychological outlook.” (John M.)

“That it is costly initially but the rewards outweigh the cost in the long run. I was able to finance it and thanks to Dr. Chuck, pay it off over a period of time.” (Michael and Ann J.)

Please comment on your perceptions of the financial investment versus the benefits you received.

“The benefits far outweigh all perceptions. This treatment is an investment in your future — in looks, in health and in peace of mind.” (Adrienne C.)

“Investment in my future — the rest of it. No hassle, no special upkeep, no irritation or pain. Plus, I feel younger. Plates are for ‘senior citizens.’ ” (Janet M.)

“It was a bit expensive but for the care I received and the end result, the benefits did outweigh the investment!”